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    Rule #1: Applications must have a minimum of 500 words and a maximum of 5,000 words.
    Whilst writing your application, we want to see an immense measure of effort being arranged into your overall application. Furthermore, each one of your characteristics is of considerable importance to your role in the staff team and how they are able to define your individuality and characteristics that make up the multitude of your temperament. Therefore, each one of these should be illustrated in the application to the finest of your abilities to help the managing staff relation administrators conceptualize your general beliefs and methods of assisting players. Also, do not drag on a question such as "IGN ~" do not write a 100-word answer for these sort of questions.

    Rule #2: Applicants must be over the age demographic of 14.
    We have chosen the age limitation of 14 because we want a mature and professional staff team, we do not want a staff team who is 12, 13 year old unless you have been given bypass and permission by the Manager rank and up. We want 14-year-old staff members because we do not want our staff team acting childish whilst helping players who put there time and effort contributing to the server while we have 12/13-year-old staff members being immature and childish not helping them.

    Rule #3: Do not ask staff members to view your application, no matter what rank.
    Asking staff to look at your application will get you instantaneously denied because you are trying to get an advantage over other applications with is not allowed. All applicants get the same rights as others and will be reviewed by staff members when they look at them and are not badgered into it. If you ask a staff member to check your application you will have a reputation for being impatient.

    Rule #4: Do not server hop onto other networks whilst applying on Atriuz
    We want dedicated and mature staff members on Atriuz, we do not want staff members who go from server to server jumping and just going for staff for the experience. We want staff-members who are loyal and dedicated to the network.

    Rule #5: Do not plagiarize
    Plagiarism is not allowed on our applications and if we find out you are plagiarising your application your application will be instantly denied and will not be allowed to apply again unless you get given permission by Senior-Members of staff because we staff members who are able to write a firm and mature application without copying others.

    Rule #6: Have little to no grammar and punctuation mistakes
    The rule is self-explanatory. The Atriuz management team expects English professionals who possess fairly advanced levels of intellect and are willing to spend a vast quantity of time proofreading their applications. However, if in fact, English is not your native language, please be descriptive of these details in the additional information section as to understand each situation.

    Rule #7: You must put your region besides your application
    This rule is to simple. to help assist in the staff teems organization. We do not want the staff team consisting of all North American staff or staff from one region, immersiveness and contrast are of immense importance as to regulate all, no matter the region. Therefore, if there is enough staff in a specified region, no more will be chosen from the said region until required to maintain this equilibrium.

    Rule #9: You must follow the format given
    The format used for the staff application process was developed for specific reasons in organization and structure. If you break this order by not following the given format, an immediate denial will follow suit.

    Rule #10: Color Scheme
    In your application I would like no color schemes or fancy writing or fancy pictures in your application, I would like all black with bold questions and unbolded answers so it is easier to read.

    - Tezzha
    Good Luck <3

    If you have read this whole thread put "I read it all" in dark red at the bottom left of your application
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